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Provide a professional and complete documentary service

The Chinese news publication bureau franchised printing enterprise
Shenzhen top-ten printing enterprise

Shenzhen municipal government designated printing enterprise

CaiMei Printing and Packing: professional printing and packaging products applied in various sectors.

With twenty years development, company specialized in building, finance, photography, medicine, education, information technology, culture, catering, travel, public welfare, etc.

Professional technology, print all kinds of printing business: hardback books, Real estate introduction, publications, elegant packing, hand bags, children cards , specifications, calendars, notebooks, etc.


Founded in 1995, CaiMei, a comprehensive printing enterprise in Shenzhen zone.

Since 1995, CaiMei adheres to the harmonious development of honesty, of strict governance. Successive awarded: The Chinese news publication bureau franchised printing enterprise; Shenzhen top ten printing enterprise; Shenzhen municipal government designated printing enterprise, etc.

With leading technology, perfect quality and premium service, CaiMei is warmly welcomed by our high-mid end customers at home and abroad.



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